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Inclusion:   Sanguine Phlegmatic

Inclusion is the need to establish and maintain a satisfactory relationship with people in the area of surface relationships, association and socialization (parties, social gatherings, and people who come in and out of our lives every day). 

Inclusion asks two questions:

  1. How many people do I approach for socializing?
  2. How many people do I want to approach me for socializing?

General description of people who are Sanguine Phlegmatic in Inclusion:

  1. Extrovert-introvert who expresses a higher need for socialization than he/she really wants.
  2. Talkative, always in control of a conversation.
  3. Enjoys being the center of attention.
  4. Yesterday and tomorrow are unimportant - content to live in the present.

Sanguine Phlegmatic in Inclusion:
Potential strengths which should be encouraged, used and developed:

  1. Socially well-rounded
  2. Able to relate quite well to people but also relates well to and understands tasks and systems Optimistic, upbeat
  3. person Very inspiring to others

Sanguine Phlegmatic in Inclusion:
Potential weaknesses which should be considered and dealt with:

  1. Moderately high degree of undisciplined energies - tends to walk away from decisions and responsibilities to be with people and go places
  2. Focuses on successes and has little concern for personal failures
  3. Will exaggerate to make himself/herself seem more successful than he/she really is

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