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Inclusion: Sanguine Compulsive

Inclusion is the need to establish and maintain a satisfactory relationship with people in the area of surface relationships, association and socialization (parties, social gatherings, and people who come in and out of our lives every day). 

Inclusion asks two questions:

  1. How many people do I approach for socializing?
  2. How many people do I want to approach me for socializing?

General description of people who are  Sanguine Compulsive in Inclusion:

  1. Extrovert of a very high intensity
  2. Compulsive need to socialize, go places, be with people
  3. Relationship-oriented, has little understanding of tasks or systems
  4. Suffers from extreme anxiety if forced to be away from people for long periods of time
  5. Very fast-paced, very talkative, usually in command of the conversation, prone to exaggerate
  6. Compulsively active, finds inactivity stressful
  7. Highly responsive to the environment and to the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) -- a change of environment enables him/her to "recharge"

Sanguine Compulsive in Inclusion:
Potential strengths which should be encouraged, used and developed:

  1. "People person," warm and friendly
  2. Good story teller, entertaining, usually a good speaker
  3. Life of the party
  4. Optimistic, upbeat, content to live in the day he/she is in, unconcerned about the past or future

Sanguine Compulsive in Inclusion:
Potential weaknesses which should be considered and dealt with: 

(Reminder: because Compulsive Sanguines long for the approval of others, they have a hard time considering their weaknesses.)

  1. Desires to be the center of attention and is capable of taking on bad behavior in order to gain attention if attention is withheld by good behavior
  2. Has a short attention span
  3. Will walk away from decisions and responsibilities in order to go places and be with people
  4. Does not listen well and frequently interrupts others
  5. Strong fear of rejection -- he/she socializes in order to "sell" himself/herself and gain acceptance; this is an attempt to overcome a poor self image
  6. May adopt moralities of the crowd in order to prevent rejection
  7. May be compulsively hot-tempered -- explodes and five minutes later may forget why

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