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Inclusion:   Phlegmatic Melancholy

Inclusion is the need to establish and maintain a satisfactory relationship with people in the area of surface relationships, association and socialization (parties, social gatherings, and people who come in and out of our lives every day).

Inclusion asks two questions:

  1. How many people do I approach for socializing?
  2. How many people do I want to approach me for socializing?

General description of people who are Phlegmatic Melancholy in Inclusion:

  1. Introvert, loner -- on the surface he/she is more personable than most introverts.
  2. Needs to approach very few people for surface relationships and is happier when not approached by people.
  3. Ability to socialize is used as a screening device to screen out those few individuals with whom he/she chooses to associate -- the few individuals with whom he/she associates for long periods of time must meet criteria which is in his/her mind.
  4. Task-oriented -- relates to tasks and systems and has little understanding of people.
  5. At times he/she will drift off in thought, oblivious of surroundings.
  6. Strong-minded -- once his/her mind is made up, it is very hard to change it.
  7. Slow-paced -- works at a steady, slow pace and loses momentum as the day progresses.
  8. Needs alone (quiet) time every day in order to think and recharge.

Phlegmatic Melancholy in Inclusion:
Potential strengths which should be encouraged, used and developed:

  1. Good mind for seeing both the end results and the finished product of a project being undertaken.
  2. High degree of intellectual energies -- a thinker.
  3. Self-motivated -- changes or moves from present state only when his/her mind commands him/her to do so.
  4. Very good mind for seeing what is wrong in life -- he/she tries to inspire others to do something about what his/her mind sees because he/she lacks the energy to do it himself/herself.

Phlegmatic Melancholy in Inclusion:
Potential weaknesses which should be considered and dealt with:

  1. May be very moody -- mood swings follow thinking process: if thinking positive thoughts, mood swings up; if thinking negative thoughts, mood swings down.
  2. May have low self esteem -- constantly searches the environment for messages that he/she is not liked or accepted -- very easily insulted or offended, and if insulted or offended, he/she gets angry and seeks vengeance.
  3. "Dry" (sometimes witty, often sarcastic) sense of humor that can be irritating to others
  4. May be very critical of others, especially if his/her ideas of perfection are not realized
  5. May have a fear of rejection -- in social situations he/she will reject others before he/she is rejected.

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