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Control: Supine Phlegmatic  

Control  is the need to establish and maintain a satisfactory relationship with people in respect to control and power.  Control asks two questions:

  1. How many people do I want to control?
  2. How many people will I allow to control me?

General description of people who are Supine Phlegmatic in Control:

  1. Is independent and self-motivated but appears to be dependent.
  2. Wants no control over the lives and behaviors of others and will accept only a moderate amount of control over his/her life and behaviors.
  3. Seldom takes on responsibility for others or makes decisions for others.
  4. Requires associates and deep relationships to reassure him/her that he/she is not making a mistake and not making a fool of himself/herself.
  5. Uses a "dry"(sometimes witty, often sarcastic)  and "biting" sense of humor to maintain his/her independence (to get people to back off from attempting to control him/her.)

Supine Phlegmatic in Control:
Potential strengths which should be encouraged, used and developed:

  1. Moderately good leader but lacks self confidence.
  2. Very democratic -- expects others to work as hard as he/she does and to carry their end of the load.

Supine Phlegmatic in Control:
Potential weaknesses which should be noted and dealt with:

  1. Because of a low energy reserve, he/she lacks the ability to go against popular opinion and make a stand against injustice
  2. 2. Extremely stubborn to change -- stubbornly refuses to move or change when asked to carry more than what he/she believes to be his/her fair share, will also stubbornly refuse to take on responsibilities or make decisions that are not his/hers to make

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