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Control: Sanguine Phlegmatic

Control is the need to establish and maintain a satisfactory relationship with people in respect to control and power. Control asks two questions:

  1. How many people do I want to control?
  2. How many people will I allow to control me?

General description of people who are Sanguine Phlegmatic in Control:

  1. Independent.
  2. Capable of making decisions and taking on responsibilities.
  3. Prefers to share responsibilities and work "side-by-side" with others
  4. When criticized for going against popular opinions, he/she uses a "dry" (sometimes witty, often sarcastic) sense of humor to defend and retaliate
  5. This "dry" sense of humor is also used to defend against being totally dominated and motivated to do something he/she does not want to do.

Sanguine Phlegmatic in Control:
Potential strengths which should be encouraged, used and developed:

  1. Good "team player" -- enjoys working on teams with others.
  2. Very democratic.

Sanguine Phlegmatic in Control:
Potential weaknesses which should be considered and dealt with:

  1. Becomes angry when people do not carry their share of the load.
  2. Possesses a limited ability to go against the opinions of others because he/she wants to be liked.
  3. He/she needs to learn not to overload himself/herself with too much responsibility and to protect his/her low energy reserve.

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