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Healthcare for Christians by Christians

Healthcare for People of Faith

If you are a committed Christian, you do not have to violate your faith by purchasing health insurance from a company that pays for abortions and treatments of conditions resulting from other immoral practices. You can live consistently with your beliefs by sharing medical needs directly with fellow believers through Samaritan Ministries' non-insurance approach. This approach even satisfies the individual mandate in the recent Federal health care law (Sec. 1501 (b) of HR 3590 at pg. 327, 328).

Every month the more than 20,000* households of Samaritan Ministries share more than $4.7 million* in medical needs directly—one household to another. They also pray for one another and send notes of encouragement. The monthly share for a family of any size has never exceeded $320*, and is even less for singles, couples, and single-parent families. Also, there are reduced share amounts for members aged 25 and under, and 65 and over.

Five Reasons Samaritan Ministries
Reduces Your Health Care Costs.

1.  God Answers Prayer.

It's really true. Members pray for other members who have medical needs, and God answers those prayers. Fervent prayer is powerful and effective.

2.  Share Money Goes for Needs, Not Administration.

Members send their monthly share directly to one another— household to household. It is not used for administrative costs, executive bonuses, stockholder dividends, investments, or buildings. (Administrative costs are paid separately through a $175* annual fee and start-up shares from new members.)

3.  A Biblical Lifestyle is Healthier.

All members confirm their belief in Jesus Christ and agree to live a Biblical lifestyle, eliminating many unhealthy practices.  Members work hard to keep their own medical costs down.  They know that seeking unnecessary medical services results in a larger burden for the other members.

4. Samaritan Ministries is a Not-For-Profit Ministry.

Samaritan Ministries is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 religious, charitable organization. We exist for ministry, not for profit.

5. God answers prayer.

From beginning to end, this ministry is dependent on God answering the prayers of His people. He alone can provide for all of our needs. All of the glory and praise go to Him. Samaritan Healthcare Family Protected

Healthcare Information Request

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Member Testimonials

Praise God! What looked impossible 10 months ago has been accomplished. All bills connected with Phil's colon cancer are paid in full. We have seen God provide for our needs every step of the way. Tests show no indication of any remaining cancer. We have been deeply encouraged and our faith has been strengthened by the faithfulness of our Lord and the Samaritan members. We are rejoicing.

Phil and Kathy Robertson
Altamonte Springs, FL

I cannot express how much of a blessing Samaritan Ministries has been. From the initial phone call starting my need through the process of paying my bills, Samaritan and the members prayed for me and stayed with me.

Watching friends and family go through similar medical events and having to deal with insurance companies made my need process seem so easy.

All of my bills are 100 percent paid in full, shortly after my surgery. I had concerns about dealing with the bills, but Samaritan made it so simple and straightforward. I am telling all my friends and family about SMI, and they are amazed at the simplicity of your program. I recommend it to everyone!

David Shorten
Mays Landing, NJ

Praise God for this ministry. It can only work with Him being in control. It is overwhelming to think we are provided for by other Christians. The notes and shares members send faithfully are so uplifting. The staff is always cheerful and helpful. To Him be the glory.

All our bills from Joe's fall from the ladder were provided for. Amazingly they totaled more than $30,000! When we tell other people about it they just look at us in disbelief, especially when they see Joe back to almost 100 percent. That is only possible because of all the prayers. Thank you fellow Christians and staff at SMI. To Him be the glory!

Joe and Trena Mendoza
Paonia, CO

As we send our shares, pray for our brothers and sisters, and read the newsletter we are thankful for the Biblical and God-honoring way that Samaritan Ministries provides a health care alternative for us in times of need. It truly is the Body of Christ helping the Body.

Rob and Linn Seiter
Taylors, SC

Samaritan Ministries is an incredible way to share and connect with other Christians. What a blessing and very humbling experience to receive shares in the mail along with encouraging notes and letters from folks who really care! We believe this ministry is a great example of what the church is really supposed to look like! People caring for other people and meeting the needs of others.

While our need was relatively small, it quickly drained our financial reserve, and we were blessed and encouraged to know that Samaritan was standing by us. While my health is fine at this point, and I seem to be doing well, should this issue decide to rear its ugly head in the future, it will produce another expense. But it is good to know that Samaritan will be there for us. God bless you all for the wonderful work you are doing!

Rhoda Miller
Goshen, IN

Thank you so much for your ministry. It has been such a blessing to have these bills shared. Your staff has been so helpful and kind, €”quite a contrast to the insurance company I used to be with! It has also been a great blessing to receive checks and cards from all over the country, to read of people's concern and prayer and receive encouragement from the Word. It doesn't get much better than that! I'm also grateful to participate in a program that doesn't support abortion and many other medical evils in our society. I pray for you all, that God will continue to protect our medical freedoms, and keep us from the tyranny of nationalized insurance. May He give your staff grace, wisdom, favor, power, persuasion, and anointing.

Rebecca Small
Cosmopolis, WA

I am so thankful to our Lord and Savior for your ministry. The encouraging notes and Bible verses have meant the most to me. The checks that came in the mail were so helpful to meet our financial needs. To know that my brothers and sisters in Christ are praying is so amazing. Thank you again for being so efficient.

Phyllis Criswell
Coeur D Alene, ID

I've never doubted the integrity of this ministry, but when I tell people about the concept they are naturally a little skeptical about how it works in a practical situation.

I'm happy to say I can now tell people that not only are the needs met, but the Special Prayer Needs are the best example of Christian benevolence in action. I was amazed to go to my mailbox and to receive checks from people who hadn't even made any faith commitment to give to my Special Prayer Need. Even though it didn't meet the Ministry Guidelines, they gave generously anyway, led by the Holy Spirit.

I was motivated before to share this ministry with my congregation and people in need, but even more so now. Christian love in action! You are appreciated beyond words.

Pete Ernst
Kingman, AZ

I appreciate all the prayers so much. It has been such a blessing to see God supply our needs through His people. I am feeling and performing much, much better. Personally, I think the biggest perk of this ministry is seeing the looks on unbelievers' faces when we explain to them what Samaritan is and how it works! What a great testimony for the Lord.

Grant Cochran
Fairbanks, AK

God has been so good to us during my battle with cancer. Many of the members, in fact, most, sent very personal encouraging notes with their share. They don't know me and we probably will never meet, but their family was praying for me. Sometimes children would decorate the card and sign their names! Words of concern were written and Scripture verses shared. It was uplifting. I knew I wasn't alone in this. My family was thought of and prayed for all across the country. What an encouragement! It meant so much.

My husband actually took the stacks of checks to the hospital to show the billing receptionist, who was amazed. She called coworkers to see for themselves. She said that had revived her faith in humanity. People still do care about helping each other. Then she began to cry. Samaritan Ministries is truly a testimony of God's love for His children.

Vern and Delores Eliason
Fredonia, WI

As we continue to walk this trial of cancer, we also continue to be abundantly blessed. My doctors say that I am a miracle, and we all know Who is in charge of miracles. We are able over and over to share Christ's love, His work in our lives, His hope to many that cross our paths.

Without Save to Share™ our medical bills would have overwhelmed us financially. Christ has provided for us through Samaritan multiple ways. I have read every one of the thousands of cards I have received, and I continue to re-read them because they bring so much encouragement. Physically I am continuing to climb the treatment ladder as God heals me. I started out in an advanced enough stage, doctors only wanted to provide comfort, but as I continue to do better I am now receiving treatment that is usually performed on those in beginning stages. Please pray for us to have additional opportunities to share Christ with others and that our family's personal growth will continue to glorify God in all ways.

Tina Olson
Livingston, MT

Last May we had a miscarriage, which ended in quite an expensive surgery. Our entire bill wasn't publishable because we hadn't been members for even a year yet. The rest of our bill was submitted for a Special Prayer Need. I was a little nervous about whether we would receive what we needed. However, the Lord provided so much more abundantly than our greatest expectations! When we began receiving checks in the mail, I began recording names and addresses so I could send a thank you to each one. I soon had to lay that aside as it became so overwhelming because I was receiving between 5 and 20 cards every day! This went on for several weeks, $5-$20 checks adding up to the thousands! Mail opening was a time of praise through prayer to our Providing God! Now our need is fully met, and we give you all a hearty THANK YOU!! Now we can all Praise God together for His mighty hand to heal and provide for us, His children! Praise the Lord!

Mark & Carla Van Essendelft
Belhaven, NC

Our son Colin (nine-years-old) broke his arm while riding his scooter. He had to wear a cast for five weeks. Last week the cast was removed and the x-ray showed that his bone was healed.

We are happy that he is fully recovered and is now fit to play flag football : ) Lord be with him!

Although having a broken arm is not a pleasant experience, we are grateful to have Samaritan Ministries. It shows our family that Christians do take care of each other. And, we serve an awesome God Who heals us.

We are in prayer always for our Samaritan family. We hope this finds you at peace.

David and Terri DeSandre
Denver, CO

God's people have been so faithful through this ministry. Not only has God continually met my financial need, but also the prayers and notes of encouragement have ministered to my heart. Many of these encouraging cards have brought me to my knees in tears. God glories in His people. Our Abba Father is the best!

Thank you to the teams that make this all possible through your administration, communication, and prayer. My surgery went well and after a few complications I have completely recovered. Praise God, He is good. I praise God for the privilege to be a part of this family. God be glorified!

Diana Kramer
Overland Park, KS

I received the shares for my need, as well as cards. I was so blessed by the prayer notes that I cried.

I plan to send notes from now on and pray before sending my share. I haven't done that before, but now I can see how much it blesses people to know someone cares.

This ministry is amazing. May the Holy Spirit do marvelous works through it.

Terri Buchholz
Chapin, SC

Adam and I are a young, newlywed couple. Adam was getting health insurance through work but it was expensive and complicated and we never once used it. Thanks to this ministry, we are able to save money for things we need without losing the peace of mind that comes from knowing in a tough health situation, we are not alone in paying the bills or bringing our needs before God. Thank you!

Emily Conrad
Oshkosh, WI

Endorsements from Groups

Samaritan was a breath of fresh air for Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission because people were willing to sit down and talk with us about our situation and answer our questions. I wish we would have found Samaritan sooner. It resulted in significant savings on health care for the mission.

Dan Anderson
Executive Director, church planter
Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission

I guess it took health care getting worse and worse for us to take a look at what Samaritan does. Now that we've joined we're wondering, 'why didn't we do this sooner?'

Jared Vallorani
Chief Operating Officer
Creation Ministries International

I've been the Benefits Administrator for The First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana and its ministries for twenty years. In October 2002 we enrolled the employees of our church, college, schools and mission board in Samaritan Ministries' Christian Healthcare Newsletter.

In the twenty years I've worked as administrator we have been fully insured, been a part of another ministry sharing program, and partially self-funded. When we changed to Samaritan Ministries, we made the change from a partially self-funded insurance where our monthly cost exceeded $75,000. Our renewal rate was to reach a monthly cost of $100,000 so we knew we had to make a change.

We enrolled our group in Samaritan Ministries with approximately 250 members at a monthly cost of $29,500 (Now more than 350 of our staff are members). In making this change, we were able to give our employees more benefits which included dental insurance, life and long-term disability insurance, and a medical reimbursement account and still have a substantial savings.

We highly recommend Samaritan Ministries as an alternative to insurance for any group or individual needing a solution to the rising cost of insurance premiums and medical expenses.

Laura Goodall
Benefits Administrator
The First Baptist Church of Hammond

For the last 20 years, I have been working in ministry as a volunteer, then full-time speaker and author for CMI-Australia. In late 2009, my family prayerfully agreed to move to the United States to help further the creation message and the gospel with CMI-US.

After settling into the office and reviewing some of our expenses, I was shocked when I saw the bill for our health insurance. My Chief Operating Officer, Jared Vallorani, shared with me that our insurance had just recently increased by a whopping 31 percent! I was blown away.

I became very concerned for our staff. For example, our scientists have often left successful career paths to work in creation ministry, and as you probably know, ministry employees often work sacrificially at very modest wages. I was worried that they wouldn't be able to afford to take care of their families needs.

Thankfully, we were introduced to Samaritan Ministries International. SMI is a community of Christians from around the world joining together to bear one another's health care burdens in a loving, cost-effective manner that doesn't involve health insurance.

All of our staff were delighted in becoming members. In doing so, we could be faithful to scripture in caring for one another's burdens (Galatians 6:2).

CMI very rarely promotes other organizations due to our strong stance on serving the church across de- nominational lines, but we believe firmly in what Samaritan Ministries is doing for Christians. They helped us and I believe they can help you too.

Like us, we know that you too are probably struggling with rising health care costs. We encourage you to take a good look at Christian health care sharing (an alternative to health insurance).

Gary Bates
Chief Executive Officer
Creation Ministries International

I would rather place my faith in God and His people than in an organization that's trying to look for ways to not pay, which is really what impressed me with Samaritan-that's what they're about-they have a heart to help people.

Tom Zobrist
Pastor, Liberty Bible Church of Eureka, Illinois
Chairman, Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission Home Council

Coming into the whole Samaritan Ministries thing and not knowing how it worked, not understanding anything about it, and just really wondering...was terrifying. Then I turned around and watched how Samaritan took care of that whole need [for a fellow pastor's son]. Samaritan members came along, helped them...the doctors were happy to work with was after that I signed up.

I understand better now than I did before how corrupted medicine has become because of the insurance industry. We walk in and say we're self-pay, and immediately they take 30, 40, 50 percent off the top. That's just because all the markup that exists because of insurance and also because of Medicare. These doctors are so happy to not have to deal with all that stuff, that they pass those savings on to you.

When you're going to the doctor's office and all you have to do is pay the $10 co-pay, you'll go for any little thing. Your sense of independence, your sense of trusting in the Lord, your sense of trying to take care of things and do preventative medicine-that goes out the window if the only thing you have to think about is that $10 co-pay, not realizing at all that by participating in that system, you're actually contributing to these escalating prices.

We love it. I enjoy sitting down, writing my check to a family, feeling that I'm just directly partnering with them, partnering with that need, praying for them. It's wonderful, and that has been helpful to us.

Dr. Voddie Baucham
Pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church, Spring Texas
Voddie Baucham Ministries

As a satisfied member of Samaritan Ministries and a Christian brother who is deeply grateful to them for their principled efforts to work within the body of Christ to bring about crucial financial medical sharing, I am pleased to wholeheartedly recommend this Christ-proclaiming, family-defending ministry to my brothers and sisters in Christ. There is no doubt in my mind that God has raised Samaritan Ministries up for such a time as this.

Few problems are as potentially devastating to the family as the rising cost of healthcare. Wise parents need to do what is in their power to safeguard themselves and their children against a potential crisis due to a medical emergency. On a more fundamental level, the Christian community needs to take a good hard look at their biblical duties-one toward another-in meeting the needs, especially the needs of the sick and infirm.

It is for this reason that I am so personally grateful for Samaritan Ministries-America's premier private sector solution to the rising cost of medicine. I want to go out on a limb and do what we have never done before at Vision Forum-offer a special endorsement of a medical program. Do yourself a favor. Investigate the God-blessed option.

Doug Phillips
Founder of The Vision Forum

Our church had a typical 80 percent policy. Over five years, our premiums went up a minimum of 17 percent a year. I'm in my 50's, with no pre-existing conditions, and my premiums were 1200 dollars a month. For single staff members, age 24 and in perfect health, we were paying close to 400 dollars a month. And that's for only 80 percent coverage.

I had an attack of appendicitis. I was taken to the emergency room and had my appendix out. My out-of-pocket expense for the year was $7000. And that was after paying $1200 a month in premiums. A pastor I knew in a church nearby was with Samaritan Ministries. He had a $48,000 surgery, and his out-of-pocket expense was only a few hundred dollars.

Because of the low share amount, we're also able to open a health savings fund for our staff members. So after we pay for the monthly share with Samaritan, we are able to save anywhere from $200 to $425 each month for each staff member. And then they can use that for their office visits and prescriptions, and we allow them to use it for dental and eyeglasses. So right away it's more useable to them, and a bigger blessing to them than our previous plan, which did not have dental and eyeglasses and those sorts of things.

When we got to know Samaritan Ministries our whole thinking changed. It evolved from only cost considerations into an opportunity for ministry, and we began to look at this as a Biblical idea, that we should be taking care of each other. And, the imagined security we had with insurance has been replaced with the security, peace of mind, and Christian joy we have found as members of Samaritan Ministries. There's no other way to say it: It's better!

Keith Thibo
Pastor of Bayview Baptist Church
Founder of Illinois Central Christian School

* As of March 2012

Healthcare Information Request

For more information and an application, please provide the following information:

Full Name
Address 1
Address 2
Zip/Postal Code
E-Mail Address

Samaritan Ministries is an independent organization that is not related to Pastoral Counseling Center.  As highly satisified members, we suggest that if you need an altrenative to health insurance, you carefully consider this outstanding Chrisitan ministry.