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Free Temperament Reports

This comprehensive set of temperament reports was created by two Doctors of Clinical Christian Counseling for the benefit of their clients. These reports were written specifically to present personal information in an encouraging and non-threatening manner. Please review the individual reports before transferring them to your clients.

It is necessary to have an APS temperament score in order to determine which of these reports is relevant.  Scores are reported in an ordered, three segment format (M-C-S).  The order is inclusion-control-affection. 

Helpful Hints

The following pages have been compiled by the staff and students and are available to you to use as the Lord directs..

Client Friendly APS Reports"

Reports for the Area of Inclusion

Reports for the Area of Control

Reports for the Area of Affection

An APS report is created by processing the answers to a 54 question inventory known as the FIRO-B

Using the "codes" for your temperament, such as "G-C-GP" for a person who is Melancholy in Inclusion, Choleric in Control, and Supine in Affection, you can look up reports for those codes here.  Simply go the index page for Inclusion and get the report for a Sanguine. Then go the Control index and get the Choleric report.  Then go the Affection page and get the Sanguine-Phlegmatic report.  The three report together provide you with a complete temperament profile.

Download Printable Temperament Reports

 In addition to viewing the information on your screen, you may elect to open or download a pdf document. 

If you are using Internet Explorer, right click  on the link at the top of the document (such as "Choleric In Inclusion") and you will have options to "save target" or "print target" (the target means the file itself.)

When using Firefox, if you click on the link, it will download the document using Abode Reader.  To print, be sure to use the Adobe print button and not the browser print function

Need your temperament codes? Order Created In God's Image

Created In God's Image is a layman's course on temperament.  It is designed to be a personal reference rather than a training manual.  Created In God's Image is a joy and a pleasure to read.  You will be blessed. 

When purchased from us, it includes a special temperament profile for you at no extra cost. Check Out Created In God's Image.