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Certified Temperament Therapist
NCCA Certified Christian Counselor
Bachelor of Christian Counseling Degree

Earn A Degree in Christain CounselingThis popular and newly revised program from the NCCA provides a path to become a Certified Temperament Therapist, an NCCA member, and to hold a Bachelor's degree in Christian Counseling  This degree and training program leads to the following portfolio of credentials:

This prospectus is designed to provide you with an estimate of the cost of obtaining  a Bachelor's Degree* in Christian Counseling. This program is for those who already hold a High School diploma and are experienced Christians.   Most candidates complete this process in one to two years, although it has been accomplished in less time.  There is a ten year time limit on the program.

The requirements for completion include completing 13 Courses. 7 of these are required and 6 are in your chosen area(s) of concentration.  There is a minimum 500 question Bible exam. 

Phase I - NCCA Certified Temperament Counselor
Course Descriptions For Phase I
Creation Therapy   $ 299.
Basic Christian Counseling   $ 299.
Christian Counseling Integrating Temperament   $ 299.
Quality, Ethics and Legal Issues   $ 299.
APS Reports (10)   $ 300.
NCCA Required Supervision   $ 150.
Combined Dues, Memberships, and Fees $ 150.
500 Question Biblical Knowledge Exam   $    0.
    Total Cost Of NCCA Courses and Practicum Phase One    $1796.

There is a significant discount available for those students who demonstrate their commitment by paying for Phase One in a single payment.

Phase II- NCCA Licensed Pastoral Counselor  
Course Descriptions For Phase II
Counseling The Codependent $  299.
Mastering Pastoral Counseling   $  299.
Temperament Case Studies    $  299.
APS Reports (15)   $  450.
NCCA Required Supervision   $  150.
NCCA Licensing Fees   $  100.
    Total Cost Of NCCA Courses and Practicum Phase Two   $1597.

Phase III- Clinical Christian Counselor License
Course Descriptions For Phase III
Advanced Course - Elective $  199.
Advanced Course - Elective   $  199.
Advanced Course - Elective   $  199.
Advanced Course - Elective   $  199.
Advanced Course - Elective   $  199.
Advanced Course - Elective   $  199.
Supervision Phase 3   $  150.
    Total Cost Of NCCA  Phase 3   $1344.

*Matriculation Fees

Bachelors Degree:
The NCCA currently charges $1500 to transfer course credits to a university or seminary for university credit hours after completion of Phase I.  All of the actual credit transfer in order to secure your degree is done by the center and the NCCA.  You do not have to transfer your credits.  We do it for you.

Alternatively, you may earn a Bachelors degree from the International Institute of Christian Counseling by also completing coursework with them, and paying a  $750 BA graduation fee.  See

To begin your education, please enroll and order Phase One.

In the past, Program 2 was a combined Bachelor/Master degree program, which has been discontinued by the NCCA.

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