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NCCA Accreditation

The NCCA and all of the associated seminaries, colleges, and universities are fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission International (ACI) as  Comprehensive Accredited Members. For information regarding any school's current standing, please contact ACI at: National Christian Counselors Association Catalogtelephone: 501-882-3361  website:

The NCCA is also fully accredited by National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance (NPSAA). For information regarding NCCA’s standing, please contact NPSAA at: telephone: 407-522-0124    

The NCCA  and Pastoral Counseling Center are also both members of the Better Business Bureau of West Florida. Please contact them at:  Click for the BBB Business Review of this Schools - Business & Vocational in Palmetto FL

Accredited Christian Counseling Universities

International Institute of Christian Counseling

International Institute of Christian CounselingThe International Institute of Christian Counseling (IIOCC) received formal accreditation from the Accrediting Commission International (ACI) several years ago, and is glad to be empowered to offer degrees to students of the Pastoral Counseling Center at a significantly lower cost than other other alternatives.

This school was created to accomplish two primary functions:

1.  To provide a low-cost, educational pathway to a Bachelor in Christian Counseling degree.  Students in need of a Bachelor's degree can complete Phase 1, complete a set of coursework, determined with the help of an advisor, that will earn them a Bachelor of Christian Counseling degree.

2. To provide additional Phase 3 coursework offerings to provide additional opportunities to study in areas of particular interest to the student.  This expanded curriculum is only available to students who choose to have the International Institute of Christian Counseling provide their degree.  The cost of a graduate degree from the IIOCC is $500 less than that of other schools listed. 

This is a link to the IIOCC website.

NCCA Seminaries & Universities

The National Christian Counselors Association produces the curriculum used by a number of Christian seminaries, colleges, and universities.  These institutions, who offer NCCA courses to their resident students,  are willing to confer degrees on students who complete NCCA coursework and fulfill the degree requirements. Not every school awards every degree, and all undergraduate degrees (AA & BA) are conferred by the International Institute of Christian Counseling.  Your supervisor will assist you selecting an appropriate school for your degree.

The NCCA and Pastoral Counseling Center have arranged for these universities to grant your advanced degrees when you complete the requirements for your degree:

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